FooGarden Pilots


FOOGARDEN PILOTS is a very unique version of a tribute show. In fact, it's actually three great tribute acts in one package, featuring three of the most relevant and popular bands that sprung out of the 90's rock scene -

Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and the wildly popular FOO FIGHTERS!

Fans remember Stone Temple Pilots most for songs like Dead and Bloated, Plush, Sex Type Thing, and Interstate Love Song. FOOGARDEN PILOTS begin their tribute show with an amazing concert covering all the hit songs of STP. One thing you can count on, the crowds will all be singing along!

Following that is the Soundgarden tribute. Soundgarden really belongs in their own category when compared with all the other rock bands of this era. People absolutely love songs like Spoonman, Fell On Black Days, and Black Hole Sun, and it's hard not to sing along. The set list is very similar to the one that Soundgarden has been performing since they recently re-emerged and began touring again. Their shows sell out very quickly because of their popularity, and their very loyal fans.

And the cherry on top is an amazing FOO FIGHTERS tribute concert, covering all of the biggest hits of the most popular band in the world! This is a high energy, rockin set, and not only will people not want to miss it, they'll be talking about your event for a long time because of this part of the show. Foo Fighters is the favorite of a wide demographic of people too. In fact, this act could really stand on it's own at pretty much any type of event that includes rock music, for crowds ranging from their 20's to their 50's.

Based in the Midwest, this band is equipped to travel up to 700 miles in every direction, and can cover up to 4 hours of time at your next event.