Rusty Laffoon brings a soulful edge to the ever expanding genre of country music. With a heartfelt passion in his vocals, he will draw you in to each song and story as if you are playing your own part in it. Many of his fans find comfort in the fact that they can call him a friend and feel a strong connection to him as a person.

Rusty grew up outside the city limits of the small town, Basehor, KS. He was surrounded by musicians in his family including his father, uncle, and aunts, and he quickly found music to be a passion of his own. There was never just one genre on the music shelf in the Laffoon household, and this is still reflected today in Rusty’s song list. The shelf between the fireplace and turn table often had Elvis and Kenny Rodgers albums sitting right next to Queen and Aerosmith LP’s. Growing up this mix of genre’s never changed, as the CD compilations in Rusty’s beater cars often included unusual mixes including Garth Brooks, Otis Redding, George Strait, B.B. King, and Guns and Roses.

Rusty started performing in 1998 by sitting in on lead vocals with his uncle, Dennis Laffoon, and he soon formed the band Spent with his father, Dallas, and the band was often a family affair including Rusty’s brothers and uncle. In 2006, Rusty joined the band Pastense as their lead vocalist and also met his good friends and future band mates, John Sanders and Stan Hampton. In 2007, Rusty, John, and Stan brought Marc Hudson aboard on drums and formed The Radio Flyers. For nearly 8 years, The Radio Flyers, played across Kansas City, and became known for their diverse sets covering rock, country, and Motown flavors.