Grace Maher and The Wayward Sons

Grace Maher and the Wayward Sons is composed of four unique players raised on country, rock, gospel and bluegrass. Grace’s voice has been described as what you might get if Patsy Cline raised Norah Jones on a farm in the Midwest. Sprinkle in some hot guitar from Kirk”Skinny” Webb, infectious grooves from bassist Reece McCune and the “in the pocket” rhythms of drummer Jay Miller and you have an original sound that may well be the future of modern country music.

Since the formation of the band in October 2013, all four members have been hard at work playing shows, writing and recording. In December of 2013 they began recording a four song album, “Leave It All Behind”. With the band’s popularity increasing, the decision was made to release a shorter album and make some of their music available. You can find Grace Maher & the Wayward Sons’ music on Amazon and iTunes as well as the band’s website and many other sites.

In February of 2014 Grace traveled to Malaysia where a music video was produced for the song “Leave It All Behind”. This video has given the band both international and national exposure.

Look for even more great things to come from Grace Maher& the Wayward Sons in the future. With shows booked in Nashville, international distribution, and even more great songwriting in the works,