Platinum Express
September 20, 2009
Oasis and Bonnie Fanniel
September 21, 2009

Cherry Bomb Band

The Cherry Bomb Band

Kansas City’s favorite dance and party band. Featuring two lovely and talented female vocaltists, four amazing musicians, your favorite irresistible dance hits. They have the energy that could cause spontaneous human combustion. Cherry Bomb Band will ignite you and get your booty shaking with best hits of the decades. Cherry Bomb Band combines incredible talent, years of experience, a great party attitude and professional production. You can find Cherry Bomb in clubs all over Kansas City.  FUN AND FULL OF ENERGY, CHERRY BOMB FEATURES THE VOCAL STUNTS OF TWO FEMALES.  CHERRY BOMB BRINGS THE PARTY TO LIFE WITH THE HITS FROM THE 80’S TO THE 90’S. 

Demo Cherry Bomb Band:


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