The Groove Pilots Band
November 11, 2013
Phil Dirt And The Dozers Beach Boys Tribute Band
May 6, 2014

The Patrick Lentz Band

The Patrick Lentz Band

Patrick Lentz Band

The Patrick Lentz Band provide a variety of crowd pleasing dance hits, a fresh approach and delivery, and endless fun. Guests experience the pleasure of live performance, whether it is an upbeat dance worthy scene or a more relaxed atmosphere.

They  provide full band and acoustic entertainment for fraternity or sorority formals, parents weekend, philanthropy events, barbecues, campus wide festivals, and more.  The Patrick Lentz Band offer various packages to cater to the pace, style, tone, and budget of your school’s event.

The Patrick Lentz Band enhance the atmosphere of generosity at your charity gala. They help you celebrate the amazing employees, honored guests, and chief executives of your corporation.

Demo The Patrick Lentz Band:

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